Hello we are Care Cube, nice to meet you.

We have created the concept of a 'Care Cube', an all inclusive box filled with various items...some jolly... others are more practical. Each cube is available in different sizes:



              So that everyone can get exactly what they want, for the price that they wish to pay.

Most of all we just want to add a smile to your day! 


 So, it's that time of year again! The week of the Freshers'...new students arrive at Universities looking fresh faced and eagerly anticipating the year ahead while returning students brush up on their skills. HOWEVER, even if you think you know the ropes, it is inevitable that you will still find yourself gasping for air after trying to keep up with the hectic Freshers' Week lifestyle (we can't all be Freshers', some of us are past our peak!)...do not fear. Care-Cube is here!

 To celebrate our exciting launch we have decided to create an exclusive FRESHERS' PACK!

We want you to enjoy your Freshers' Week AND rock up to classes on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to go! Wooo academia!

If you have any queries or comments please do contact us, we love a good chat.